Become aware of one’s self, huge program isn’t it? It’s one of the purposes of Self Development, and also perhaps you are reading me. I am glad you start this process here. Indeed it is the first step to reach the acceptation of your entire self with all aspects representing it.

          On Your Marc will allow you to get benefits of a holistic approach of Self-Development. We will build together your physical goals and/or mindests to make you being comfortable with yourself inside and outside. Technics we use can be applied in your daily life and also for more specific estates like Sport with mental coaching. My question is now, are you READY to discover YOURSELF?

          As I said it is a big and not an easy decision you are taking. I was in your position few years ago, and discovering who I am was not an easy process everyday.

           You may discover parts of yourself you didn’t want to see so far. Some of them may also take time to be accepted by you. Then you could also wonder what has become my life after these discoveries. I will answer I do not regret any choice I made or any part of me I discovered. Finding myself and still discovering new angles everyday is energizing.

         We choose what we want to keep, transform or even put aside our life. This responsability belongs to nobody else but us as we are the only creator of what we live. In this spirit you will understand why from now on, I foster you to find your own direction and your own compelling goals. We are our own limits, then let’s break them and make them another level.

         “How could a man hit a target he could not see? That’s a pretty good question, here is another one: how can YOU hit a target you DO NOT HAVE?….”                                                                                                                         Zig Ziglar

          Indeed, Self development is here to allow you to discover new tools to (re)connect, observe and respect your emotions and your entire self.

        By Understanding them you will be able to overtake obstacles and even more compelling, able to challenge yourself.

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