Concept and definition

          Self development is a wide range concept. To make it simple and be able to start from somewhere, I suggest everyone to consider the key stone of  self development, YOU. Indeed you’re the creator of your own life. Then my question becomes are you ready to (re)assume your responsibility to make it worth for yourself.

          If its not the case yet, don’t worry I’m here to help!!  Yes, because first it is my work and the “plus” is that I went through these limiting beliefs or events from which I built failure even before new challenges got started. After several new achievements I became creator in consciousness of my life. You are part of an equation for which you are the only one able to make it balanced.

          Sooooooo NOW you know the purpose of self development… Be ready to enjoy creating your new mindset. And I must say we will all enjoy it:

          -YOU feeling the energy it creates in you making it happen, starting this new process of creation.

          -ME having pleasure watching and helping you reaching steps you would usually not even dare trying to reach


My Tools 

         Tools are the same used as for mental preparation, only the target is slightly different. I use different technics to first to link past physical pains or injuries to emotional injuries or emotional statements occurred in your past. These tools allow  to understand what prevented you from going beyond restricting limits you built on your own.

       Through Neuro Linguistic programming, visualization, breathing exercises I will also enables you to create a new environment by discovering new skills or resources they didn’t even dare thinking they have and which have always been here, in THEM.

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