Mental Preparation (Sport)


          Being in a high level youth team in rugby was a chance for me. I never made it to the A team though. After all these years I understood how I lacked of trust in myself, how I lacked of individual compelling targets or even directions. After all these years I understood that me and only me prevented me to go further.

           At this time I was explained and I choose to believed that loosing was not “good”, almost being scared to fail. Loosing or wining are concepts already including interpretation and judgment. Used this way they do not bring anything constructive. All lessons you need to learn are already in you. This is an apprenticeship, take a short look at Bruce Lee.


           This is where refocusing on oneself by a complete mental preparation is a necessary support to enhance the mental of the athlete.


My work

          I want to make the most of what I lived at this period of my life, coupled with a mental preparation, to shift the evolution of athletes from a logic of performance (always being compared with others results) to a logic of self awareness where mental is transcended to reach the Athlete’s own compelling target(s).

         It consists in (re)orientate the focus on building the proper environment. It means creating the appropriate mindset  allowing the althlete to manage emotions or situations happening in competitions or into her/his career. It’s not anymore a competition, it’s a GAME.




 My tools

       I use technics to link past physical injuries to emotional blockages. It provides as many tools to understand how Athletes prevented themselves from going beyond restricting limits built on their own.

         Through Neuro Linguistic Programming, Visualization (…), I will also enables Athletes to create a new environment. They will discover new skills or resources they didn’t even dare thinking they have and which have always been here, in THEM.


         Programs contain a minimum of 10h preparation. I usually suggest to apply and adapt this mental coaching on a scale of a competition. It enables to set up and adapt the appropriate environment to the athlete, creating his targets and identifying his resources.

          Rates are available in the sheet location “Rates”. A package of 10h = 25 KTHB (710 USD or 650 EUR).

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