Personal Training

          Take all benefits of a personal coaching by one of our personal trainers. They can all provide a followed program with you at the gym of your condo. They will help you to build and reach personalized targets.

            This program can also be specifically designed for Executives who need to take time to maintain their shape alongside intensive days of work.  We create and adapt to your needs different disciplines with only one target: your well-being.

         You will be adviced in more specific disciplines like Yoga, Pilates, Thai chi, Muay Thai, or enjoy different kind of Dances, besides all fitness disciplines and traditional physical preparation.

           In the concept of “On Your Marc“, you could also enjoy a combo including self-development work shops or discussions, directly followed with yoga training, for a set where you will be able to take time for yourself. You’re interested? Go fast to the “Rates” sheet to check schedule and prices, or contact us to build your personnal wishes. Keep coming back, the page is updated regularly.

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