Craft Your Art

         Here we are, time to go deeper into the personality of people surrounding us. On Your Marc Channel takes the necessary time for this exploration through funny and interesting interviews. You will be in the heart of different topics and in parallel we will explain you in each video a concept of Self-Development. This is our way to make you enjoy discovering new fields and at the same time start to discover YOURSELF through easy way to practice it.

         The only exception to this last rule is the report I performed at Channel 3. I had the chance to present Mother’s Day here in Thailand for my biggest pleasure with adorable pupils in a thai school on the 12th of August 2016. I am blessed I had this moment with these kids, it is now such a big memory for me.

          Videos have different Soundtracks, in English, in Thai or in French. You will still be able to watch them with Subtitles in English and French.


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